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Mother + Baby journal

Mother + Baby journal

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Introducing our Mother + Baby Journal

Experience a unique journal designed for capturing the cherished moments shared between you and your little one. From heartfelt reflections on motherhood to the delightful and unexpected baby moments, along with the joyous laughter that fills each day—jot them all down to be treasured eternally.

Comprising 365 pages and featuring four thought-provoking prompts, this journal comes wrapped in luxurious linen and adorned with exquisite gold foil embossing. It stands prepared to chronicle your most invaluable memories.

As time passes, this journal will become a cherished companion, transporting you back to the golden days spent with your baby, even decades from now.

Embrace these priceless moments, ensuring they remain unforgotten. Secure them forever within the pages of your Bassk Mother + Baby Journal.

Dimensions: 21cm x 15cm

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