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Nana Huchy

Miss Hazel

Miss Hazel

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Introducing Miss Hazel!

Meet the talented gymnast with a delightful, infectious personality. Hazel has a unique ability to inspire even the most hesitant individuals to let go of their worries and join her in cartwheeling through the daisy fields. With Hazel around, fun is never far away, and she is almost inseparable from her bestie, the brilliant jam-maker Clementine. Together, they form an unstoppable duo, exploring neighboring farms in the enchanting Victorian Otways while donning their adorable matching outfits.

While Clementine may sometimes take charge, Hazel knows how to assert herself to ensure both their ideas and projects get equal attention. Their bond is unbreakable, akin to that of sisters, always striving to make each other shine at their very best!


  • Name: Miss Hazel
  • Height: 39cm
  • Special Traits: Talented gymnast with a giggly, infectious personality
  • Care Instructions: To keep Miss Hazel looking her best, spot clean only.
  • Price: Nana Huchy's RRP

Join Miss Hazel and Clementine on their fantastic adventures and witness the magic they bring to the Victorian Otways!

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