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The Floral Sea Maid

Crimson Bottle Brush Greeting Card

Crimson Bottle Brush Greeting Card

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Introducing, Crimson Bottlebrush Greeting Card!

Delight in the captivating beauty of the "Crimson Bottlebrush Greeting Card" by The Floral Sea Maid. This exquisite card features the Callistemon citrines, commonly known as the Crimson Bottlebrush, a favorite among pollinators like birds and bees. The artist's watercolor and fine liner technique beautifully captures the essence of this vibrant Australian native flower.

Beyond its visual allure, the Crimson Bottlebrush holds special significance in flower essence form. It is believed to aid individuals in navigating major life changes, particularly supporting new mothers in their transition from maiden to motherhood. Furthermore, it offers assistance through significant life stages like menopause and even in moments of grief and loss, providing gentle healing vibrations.

The artist has thoughtfully infused this card with tranquility and harmony, as slowly boiled blossoms create a sweet syrup that harmonizes the spirit and fosters a sense of healing.

Product Details

  • Card Size: Folded, 10.5 x 14.8cm (approximately A6 size)
  • Material: White paper card
  • Interior: Blank inside, offering ample space for personal messages
  • Inclusion: The card comes wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve with an accompanying envelope.

Supporting the artist's creative endeavors, every "Crimson Bottlebrush Greeting Card" is copyrighted and made with love by The Floral Sea Maid. Any unauthorized reproduction, reprint, or usage of the artwork, including its incorporation in promotional or social media activities, is strictly prohibited without written consent from the artist.

Experience the enchantment of the Crimson Bottlebrush as you share heartfelt greetings and well-wishes with your loved ones through this elegantly crafted greeting card.

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