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Little Luxe Linens

Sunflower Printed Bamboo Swaddle

Sunflower Printed Bamboo Swaddle

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Introducing Little Luxe Linens Sunflower Printed Bamboo/Cotton Baby Swaddle, a perfect blend of comfort and style for your precious little one. This exquisite swaddle is expertly crafted from a premium bamboo and cotton blend, ensuring your baby's ultimate coziness.

The vibrant sunflower pattern adds a burst of color and charm to this swaddle, making it a delightful accessory for newborns and infants. These bright sunflowers symbolize happiness and positivity, bringing joy to both parents and children alike.

Meticulously designed, this swaddle is gentle to the touch and soft on your baby's delicate skin. The combination of bamboo and cotton offers exceptional breathability, allowing for proper airflow and temperature control, ensuring your baby's comfort in every season.

With its generous size, this swaddle provides ample room for secure and snug wrapping, making it suitable for swaddling even if you're new to the practice. The lightweight, stretchy fabric makes swaddling a breeze.

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Care Instructions for Sustaining Your Lovely Product

  • Machine wash with cold to warm water.
  • Utilize a gentle washer cycle.
  • Opt for line drying in the shade or a low heat dryer setting.
  • When necessary, use low heat iron settings.
  • Refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals.
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