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Sacred White Sage

Sacred White Sage

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Crafted with the essence of Californian Sage, adorned with Australian wildflowers and botanicals, and graced with the presence of blue Kyanite, our exquisite smudge stick measures approximately 10cm in length.

Blue Kyanite, renowned for its meditative and attunement properties, stands as a stone free from the grasp of negative vibrations, obviating the need for regular clearing. This remarkable crystal instantaneously aligns chakras and subtle energies, fostering equilibrium between yin and yang forces, while gently eliminating obstructions and ushering energy through the physical body.

Contents include the revered White Sage, wildflowers, and botanicals, blending together in harmony.


  1. Gently remove flowers and crystal.
  2. Ignite the stick, allowing the flame to subside.
  3. Embrace the healing essence within the smoke.
  4. Infuse your intentions before sweeping the Smudge Stick around your person or space until clarity is sensed.
  5. Extinguish by pressing the lit end into a bowl for future use.

Crafted with White Sage, Australian Wild Flowers, and Botanicals, this offering remains entirely natural.

Emanating from sustainable Californian White Sage sources, our commitment to authenticity is unwavering.

Wildflowers cultivated in Australia and harvested at the peak of their season further enrich the composition.


  • Minimize smoke density.
  • Avoid triggering alarms.
  • Maintain a steady pace while smudging to prevent excessive smoke accumulation.
  • Safeguard against ember remnants; extinguish in ash or sand.
  • Ensure complete extinguishment before storing in a dry, secure location away from direct sunlight.

Our values encompass vegan and cruelty-free principles, as no ingredients in our products have undergone animal testing.

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