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The Floral Sea Maid

Purple Banksia Wildflowers Mermaid Vase Art Print

Purple Banksia Wildflowers Mermaid Vase Art Print

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Introducing, Purple Banksia Wildflowers Mermaid Vase Art Print!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the "Purple Banksia Wildflowers Mermaid Vase" art print by The Floral Sea Maid. This captivating artwork features a vibrant bouquet, delicately arranged in a sea shell vase, showcasing the graceful elegance of Australian native flora.

The bouquet includes a delightful combination of Acacia Wattle, Painted Feather Flowers, and Purple Banksia, each contributing its unique charm to the composition. The Purple Banksia's regal hue adds a touch of royalty, while the Acacia Wattle and Painted Feather Flowers infuse the bouquet with vivid splashes of color.

Expertly printed on premium White 310gms cotton paper, this art print exhibits the finest quality, allowing you to appreciate the intricate details of the floral arrangement. The artist's skillful rendering brings to life the beauty and richness of Australia's wildflowers.

Product Specifications

  • Art Print Size: A standard A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm)
  • Material: White 310gms Cotton Paper
  • Origin: Proudly Made in NT

With a commitment to local craftsmanship, The Floral Sea Maid ensures that all their products are lovingly made in Australia, celebrating the country's natural wonders through their artistry.

Copyright Notice: © The Floral Sea Maid holds all rights to this artwork. Any unauthorized reprint, use, or reproduction of this image is strictly prohibited. The artwork, including any part of it, may not be resold or utilized for promotional or social media purposes without obtaining written consent from the artist.

Embrace the allure of Australian wildflowers with "Purple Banksia Wildflowers Mermaid Vase" art print, a captivating masterpiece that brings the magic of nature into your living space.

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