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Nana Huchy

Baby Honey Bunny Boy Blue

Baby Honey Bunny Boy Blue

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Introducing Honey Bunny!

Unlike hand squeaker toys that have limited squeaks, Honey Bunny is a delightful baby rattle that will never run out of rattling fun! Forget about needing toddler strength to produce sound; babies can enjoy shaking and rattling this adorable softie as gently as they please.

Product Information

  • Name: Honey Bunny
  • Height: 20cm
  • Special Feature: Endless rattling joy, no need to worry about running out of rattle!
  • Care Instructions: To keep Honey Bunny fresh and clean, simply remove the outfit and gently machine wash in cold water. Please avoid tumble drying.
  • Price: Nana Huchy's RRP
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