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Nana Huchy

Henry Highland

Henry Highland

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Introducing Henry Highland!

Initially, Henry felt a little apprehensive about his wife Heidi's idea to relocate them all the way from the highlands of Scotland to Australia. However, the warm and cheerful farm friends they've met have made them feel so welcome that Henry couldn't imagine a different life now. One of his favorite pastimes is spending lazy Spring afternoons, sunbaking in the daisy fields while meticulously grooming his shaggy coat, freeing it from any mites. Yet, amidst the newfound joy, he does harbor a bit of regret that he couldn't encounter the elusive Loch Ness Monster before departing their Scottish farm. But, no worries! Bill the Duck and Frank the Frog enthusiastically shared tales of the legendary Bunyip dwelling in their farm lake. Henry's excitement was evident as he mooed and stamped his hooves, thrilled at the prospect of a new quest to fill his hours.

Product Details:

  • Name: Henry Highland
  • Height: 48cm
  • Special Note: Fur may shed
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean only
  • Price: Nana Huchy's RRP

Note- Matching card available separately 

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