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Cherry Blossom Star

Cherry Blossom Star

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Cherry Blossom, also referred to as Flower Agate, serves as a catalyst for self-growth, guiding the journey from inception to full bloom.

This beautiful Flower Agate supports blossoming and the realization of your utmost potential. It serves as a shield against personal apprehensions and self-doubt, fostering an environment for personal growth.

Moreover, Flower Agate contributes to the manifestation of your desires and the nurturing of your aspirations. Its gentle yet compelling feminine energy ignites enthusiasm for pursuing dreams and embracing life to its maximum potential.

The listed price is for one star-shaped piece, approximately measuring 2.5cm to 3cm in size. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique shape and size for every individual piece. These crystals are sourced entirely naturally, collected sustainably from various corners of the world.

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